When buying a home, there are certain things you mustn’t overlook. Here are the eight most important ones:

1. See the neighborhood at all times of the day. Don’t just observe it when you visit the home. Check out what traffic is like during rush hour or after school.

2. Pay attention to your daily commute.

3. Know your neighborhood codes and restrictions. This is especially important in neighborhoods that have HOAs (homeowners associations).

4. Don’t overlook the bedroom/bathroom count. If you are looking at a 4-bedroom home, for example, make sure it doesn’t have just one bathroom.

5. Make note of any specialty inspections. We always recommend a general home inspection but depending on the home you’re looking at, you might want to order a radon inspection, a termite inspection, or a number of other specialty inspections.

6. Pay attention to the things that can’t be changed about the home. This includes the lot size, the location, and the floor layout. 

7. Make note of the home’s resale value. Sometimes buyers can get too excited and forget to pay attention to any barriers that would make the home harder to sell than normal.

8. Is there room to grow into the home? This depends on your individual circumstances, obviously, but should be considered no matter what those circumstances are.

“Don’t buy a 4-bedroom home with one bathroom.”

We hope this list is helpful to you. If you have any questions in the meantime or need any real estate assistance, give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you soon.