You have multiple ways to appeal your taxes if they’re too high.

Everyone should’ve gotten their property tax statements in the mail by now. Some people were shocked by how much it had risen. We want to address how we can help you appeal if you feel like your taxes are a little too high.

Along with your property taxes, there should be an appeal form. Look it over and fill it out; that form will ask you for a few things. You can’t just appeal your property taxes if you feel that your condition is bad, your carpet is worn out, or you haven’t mowed the lawn in a while. You need verifiable evidence, which is either an appraisal or comparable sales within the current tax year. Real estate professionals can provide you comparables. If you go to an appraiser, they’ll charge you $600.

Take that appraisal or those comparables and either mail or email them to the county. They’ll look them over and either issue an approval of that tax appeal or a denial. If they issue a denial, you have another opportunity. You can appeal that denial and meet with the county representative in person to discuss what your values are and see if you can come to a reasonable agreement on where your taxes should be.

“You need verifiable evidence to appeal your taxes.”

If you have questions about this or you’d like to appeal your property taxes, don’t delay. Reach out to us right away so we can provide you with comparables and answer any questions you may have.