Here’s why we already have a spring real estate market in full swing.

Even though spring is just beginning, here are three reasons why the spring real estate market may have already sprung:

1. What we’re seeing from our listings. The first indicator comes from our home sales. We’re seeing huge demand from buyers that are coming into our market in flocks. Properties are selling almost immediately for top dollar. The data shows us that we’re down 70% in inventory from this time last year.

2. There’s a record number of buyers. They’re on the prowl, looking for anything and everything while interest rates are as low as we’ve ever seen them. With good weather out there right now, people want to get out and see homes.

“Properties are selling almost immediately for top dollar.”

3. An increase in inventory. Here’s the catch: Since we have so much demand, you’ll fall behind if you think inventory is going up over time. The demand that’s out there right now will supersede any increase in inventory. If you’re out there in the market expecting to see a massive influx, you won’t because it will be hidden by the huge demand.

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