A few things sellers should consider about pre-listing home inspections.

A question we get often is, “Should I get an inspection on my home before I sell?” Simply put, the answer depends. If you want to discover potential issues in your home and relieve that stress, a pre-listing inspection could be very helpful in providing peace of mind. Maybe you’ve lived in your home a long time and are concerned about what might come up in a buyer’s inspection. If so, this kind of inspection could save you money in the long run by identifying major issues upfront and allowing you to fix them instead of being at the mercy of the buyer’s agent once you accept their client’s offer.

If you do a pre-listing inspection, the buyer who purchases your home will probably still want their own inspection.

Two different inspectors will find two different sets of issues. A pre-listing inspection will uncover any major issues, but there will always be little nitpicky things that the buyer’s inspector finds. The cost of this inspection is $400 to $500, and the decision to get one all depends on your home’s condition and your specific situation.

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