Today we want to introduce Rhett Roberts, our transaction coordinator, who works behind the scenes to help your real estate transaction go smoothly.


On our team, everyone has a specific role to play. This allows us to make sure all the fine details of our clients’ transactions are handled thoroughly and efficiently. Today we’d like to introduce just one of the amazing professionals on our team: our transaction coordinator, Rhett Roberts.

Rhett’s does a lot of work behind the scenes. He acts as a liaison between all the involved parties such as the lender, title company, listing agent, and buying agent. A major portion of his job is to make sure that all the fine details of a transaction are taken care of, and that all deadlines are hit. Rhett makes sure nothing is left by the wayside.

We spend a lot of time organizing and mapping out a transaction. Rhett sets up inspections, organizes appraisals, and coordinates repairs with contractors, which can take a lot of time. For a single transaction, it can take about 10 to 20 hours of behind the scenes work.

As an agent with a growing book, it can be difficult to organize all of this while still working with clients. This is why it is so valuable to have a great team and a transaction coordinator.

“Rhett makes sure nothing is left by the wayside.”

Rhett has also helped us with feedback on listings. He has helped with getting additional addendums and updating the MLS as well as making sure the marketing is getting done.

As the team grows, Rhett’s role becomes more and more important. As we gain more agents and more clients, it becomes exponentially more important to have someone reviewing and following through on the details of each transaction.

If you have any real estate questions, please feel free to reach out to us. We look forward to speaking with you soon.