How a transaction coordinator makes the buying or selling process easier.

What is a transaction coordinator, and what do they do? To help answer that questions, we’re talking with Alissa Smith, our transaction coordinator at the Colemere Realty Team. If you’ve worked with us in the past, you’ve probably received emails from Alissa, but you might not have met her in person. Alissa’s job is essential, but much of it happens behind the scenes.

Alissa, what do you do as a transaction coordinator?

“It’s a three-part role. I’m a liaison for Colemere Realty to all the important parties during transactions, including title companies, lenders, our clients, and more. I also make sure we meet all of our deadlines, dot our i’s, and cross our t’s.”

“Alissa adds so much value to our team.”

We work with multiple third parties in a transaction, even before we go under contract — inspectors, lenders, title companies, attorneys, and home-stagers are just a few. Alissa coordinates with all of those people behind the scenes, ensuring they’re aware and involved in the transaction. 

For example, if one of those parties doesn’t get an addendum to the contract, that can really hurt the process moving forward. It puts everything behind schedule and could end up damaging the contract. Alissa’s job is to make sure the whole process is smooth and double-check all the paperwork. 

We’re glad to have Alissa on the team; she adds a lot of value for our agents and clients. She helps us ensure our service is above and beyond what everyone else can provide. 

If you have any questions about Alissa’s position or real estate in general, please call or email your Colemere Realty associate. We would love to help you.