The home closing process can happen quickly, or it can drag on. Here’s how to ensure that it goes quickly and smoothly.


Today we are talking about how long it takes to close a loan and what you should and should not do in order to speed up the process.

First, let’s talk about the things you should not do. Poor communication is high on the list. Poor communication with your agent, or loan officer, or the seller will slow the process down. Having too many contingencies with the appraisal, the inspection, or anything else will do the same thing.

What can speed up the process? Well, making sure you get the title early and fast is key, Your agent needs to quickly ensure that there are no liens or claims against it. Negotiating a repair credit as opposed to negotiating the repairs on their own will help speed things up too. Finally, having excellent communication with your lender and agent will certainly help and lead to quicker turnaround times.

“Great communication is key to a successful home closing.”

Once you’ve found the home of your dreams, communication and cooperation are huge in ensuring that your closing process is sped up and not slowed down.

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