Before you sell your home, make sure you have a pre-listing walkthrough.

A pre-listing walkthrough is essentially an opportunity for you to look at your home in detail, point out the pros and cons of the property, and uncover any necessary repairs. A lot can be missed if you don’t schedule one, and that could affect your final sale price drastically.

“Missing this step puts you at a disadvantage to sellers who don’t.”

It’s like creating a game plan for your house. We’re setting the timelines, expectations, etc., for your home sale.

The pre-listing walkthrough is also key in terms of staging. Walking through the home helps us get a much better understanding of the home. This step often gets missed in this market, and that’s a disadvantage to homeowners.

When we are physically in a home and can analyze it this way, we can get a much better idea of the home’s value and what we can do to maximize the sale price. Agents who miss this step suffer in negotiations.

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