• Buyers that are thinking of building a home or buying a home directly from a builder need to seriously consider how well they are being represented in the process.

  • Multiple offer situations are a common occurrence in our market. Here’s how we are helping our buyers stand out and win.

  • We’re back with a bonus round for our real estate investment series! Today, we’ll discuss the 1031 exchange.

  • Part three of our series on real estate investing is here. This time, we’re discussing financing options.

  • After you’ve found an investment property you like, it’s time to evaluate that property. Here are three keys to evaluating an investment property.

  • If you’re thinking about buying an investment property, consider these three things before making the jump.

  • If a property does not appraise, there are three things that you can do as a buyer or seller to try and make it to the closing table.

  • How We Helped Brian By Answering All Of His Questions!

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