• Is it better to keep saving for your down payment, or should you go ahead and buy a house now? We’ll explain today.

  • What comes next after an appraisal comes back low? Let’s take a look at things from the buyer’s perspective.

  • Is it ever too early to start planning your home sale? No way.

  • What can you expect from the 2018 real estate market as a Utah homebuyer or seller? We will share our forecast with you today.

  • What happened in the 2017 real estate market, and what can that tell us about 2018? Let’s take a quick look.

  • Thank you all so much for your love and support.

  • Seeing Santa at the mall can take a long time and cost a pretty penny for a few photos. That’s why we’re having Santa come to us this year, and you’re invited to come see him.

  • A lot goes into the process of selling your home. That being said, there are a lot of things you should avoid. Today, we want to go over some of the biggest mistakes people can make when selling their homes.

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